Saturday, January 16, 2010

Demon Princess: Reign or Shine by Michelle Rowen

 Title: Demon Princess: Reign or Shine

Author: Michelle Rowen

Pages: 288

Age group: 13+

From: Public Library

Genre: Romance, Fantasy (Demons)

Blurb: As if trying to fit in at a new school isn't stressful enough, sixteen-year-old Nikki Donovan just found out that her long-lost father is, in fact, the demon king of the Shadowlands—the world that separates and protects us from the Underworld. When she is brought there by the mysterious—and surprisingly cute—messenger Michael, she learns that her father is dying, and he wants her to assume the throne. To complicate matters, a war is brewing between the Shadowlands and the Underworld, her half-demon qualities are manifesting, and her growing feelings for Michael are completely forbidden. Ruling a kingdom, navigating a secret crush, and still making it home by curfew—what's a teenage demon princess to do?

Review: While I liked this book, I think it was average. I really hate that their is always a new girl. So, this book started off predictable and ended the same way. Some things were really obvious. I'm not going to say what they are because I don't want to ruin it for some people.

The writing was okay, the story line was okay, the characters were okay. I think this is just another book that I'll soon forget about...


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