Thursday, January 28, 2010

Cupid's Arrow by Isabelle Merlin

Title: Cupid's Arrow

Author: Isabelle Merlin

Pages: 366

Age Group: 14+

From: Public Library

Genre: Romance, Mystery/ Crime

Blurb:  It's been a while since 16-year-old Fleur Griffon has had one of the weird and scary dreams that used to plague her childhood. So she's really creeped out when she starts dreaming of being hunted through a dark forest by an unseen, sinister archer. 

But when her bookseller mother unexpectedly inherits the magnificent library of a famous French author, Fleur forgets all about her fears. Excitedly, mother and daughter travel to Bellerive Manor, near the ancient French town of Avallon, reputedly the last resting place of the 'real' King Arthur. And it is there, in the magical green forest near Bellerive, that Fleur meets a handsome, mysterious boy called Remy Gomert. It seems to be love at first sight, beautiful as a dream.

But Fleur's nightmare is just about to begin . . .

Review: I loved this book! It was amazing! And unpredictable! I mean, really, if you looked at the front cover you expect romance but not crime and mystery! Also I love how it's set in France! And how King Arthur is put into it! It's just so original!  Really, I have nothing bad to say about this book! 

I recommend this to everyone!


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  1. Yes, I completely agree! This is like so many genres rolled into one. Five out of five! Love it!